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In Whose God Do We Trust

22 May 2017 a day we woke up to the unforgiving news that and explosion had rocked the Manchester Arena. Killing 22 and injuring many more.

Im not atestament to laying blame with religions or muslims or any other race creed of religious following or political agenda. We all follow one God regardless of what we choose to call him, This is down to pure evil.

This has rocked everyone i know to to the core. Its close to home everyone i know has either been to to Manchester Arena or other arenas, me included my daughters go often as they get the bigger names compared to Newcastle. But will it ever be the same again. Id like to think we can get back to some sort of normality, but its going to be hard, but we will get there. It may mean being more vigilant and looking out for things out of the ordinary. But if it means staying safe and alert its got to be done.

My thoughts are with those families who lost loved ones, and those still in hospital recovering. Hope the road isnt too long and the scars start to heal and of course the forgotten victim in all this Ariana Grande. The artist doing what she loved entertaining people, people who died had paid to see her and she has to live with this mental scar too. Hopefully soon to be back travelling.

Peace out.

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