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Graham & Brown Meets Kelly Hoppen

With Christmas time just around the corner we immediately think is the house spick and span for the man in the red suit. well i know i do, So when i was offered the chance to review home decor from two of my fave products i couldnt refuse. The products in question are a new range of wallpaper from Graham & Brown designed by the awe inspiring not so dragon-ish Kelly Hoppen.

Ive always been a big fan of Kelly Hoppen and have several of her pieces in my home. The room i chose to decorate was the main bedroom previously this had on vibrant red poppies, which we thought looked ok as it tied in well with the other 3 plain walls and black furniture the only problem being lack of bedding to match, So every time we needed new bedding it was red or red bit of a hobsons choice.

The wallpaper i decided on was the Bold Stripe Image

The paper itself oozes quality from a brand such as Graham & Brown you wouldnt expect anything less. It was so easy to put up too, paste the wall and hang,  so less crinkles and creases to contend with.

so not having to drag soggy paper across the room I set to papering, the paper once on the pasted wall was manouverable and slid easily into place and 2 hours later by just papering one wall i had transformed a room from a vibrant, busy room to a tranquil sleeping area again.

The Bold Stripe that i chose retails at £26 a roll but is in no way expensive ive had dearer papers that were lesser quality and as i love decorating and get bored easily i all to often change rooms around. But this is one paper that can stay a while longer.

From this

Image Imageto this in a couple of hours, what do you think of my transformation??

The bold stripe and full range of Kelly Hoppen inspired papers can be found at

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