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Dimplex Danville Electirc Fire- seeing is believing

I was fortunate enough to review a new electric fire as our old one was barely sending any heat out the flicker effect had stopped working and being a silver surround it looked grubby. Enter the Dimplex Danville rather than just write about this fire i have posted a video review on you tube.


The fire is one of the Opti_myst range from Dimplex, The Opti-Myst gives a real flame effect not just flickering lights. for a full 3d effect. A simple idea but so much more effective than a normal electric fire giving a real flame effect without the smoke. How can Dimplex do this simply by adding a refillable tank in the fire, the process for this is straightforward and easy to install. I got a builder friend to install mine but could so easily of done it myself. It was like changing a like for like fire the difference being with the water tank this sits neatly inside a sump which generates the steam, its also very easy to refill just remember to use filtered water to stop any build up of limescale. The tank is sited underneath the coals which just lift out, no weight and no mess, refill the bottle reinsert and pop coals back on.

The fire comes with a remote control for heat and light and heat  optimisation as well as a set of controls neatly hidden away under the hood, which just flicks up. Dimplex have a wide range of fires to suit all decors and budgets.

Would i recommend the Opti-Myst range to friends and family? without a doubt it looks fab, performs well and well we cant wait till winter to snuggle up in front of ours. More information on the Dimplex range can be found at

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