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The Hunt is on: Students could win a year’s tuition fees by completing digital scavenger hunt

The UK’s largest student accommodation provider is giving students a chance to win a year’s free university tuition, if they can complete a ‘digital scavenger hunt’. The Leap Digital Scavenger Hunt will send digital-savvy students on an adventure around the internet for the chance to earn more than £9,000 – equivalent to a year’s tuition fees – as UK fees remain the highest in Europe.

The UK’s largest student accommodation provider has launched a digital scavenger hunt which gives students a chance to win a year’s free tuition, if they can complete the three-round challenge.

Unite Students is offering £9,250 to one lucky student who successfully navigates the Leap Digital Scavenger Hunt. Starting on the Hunt’s specially created website, contestants will set off on a tour of the internet, pitting their wits against a series of clues as they go.

Students can start the hunt here: https://scavengerhunt.unitestudents.com

Since being introduced in 1998, tuition fees have risen from up to £1,000 a year to £9,250 a year making them the highest in Europe. Fees are currently capped at £9,250 for each academic year*.

The Hunt consists of over 15 stages, spread across three different rounds, and spans the internet from social media to well-known online platforms. At the end of each round students will need to enter the code they’ve uncovered into the Scavenger Hunt website, at which point they will have completed a round and be given the next clue.

The full hunt will begin on the 8th August and students will have until the 5th September to make it to the end of the final stage and make their submission. Once a student completes all three stages they will be entered into a prize draw to win the year’s tuition fees. The winner will be announced on the 12th September.

Entrants must be 17 years of age or above, and have a place secured at a UK university for the coming academic year.

The hunt is part of Unite’s wider The Leap campaign which recognises that making the move to university is a complex life moment. Unite know that the better prepared young people can be for that big leap to university, the more seamless that move will be and the better able students will be to rise to the challenges that such a big life change brings. The Leap campaign urges teenagers and parents to engage and have conversations about The Leap earlier, so their expectations are more closely aligned to the reality of university life.

Unite Students was established almost three decades ago and is the UK’s largest purpose-built student accommodation provider, welcoming 50,000 students each year to set up their new home with them.

John Blanshard, Chief Customer Officer at Unite Students, said,

“Through years of extensive research and insight, we know the challenges involved in making the leap to university. We understand that this is a complex life moment not just for students but for parents too. We also know that the better prepared people can be for those challenges, the easier they’ll be able to meet them. That’s why this year, we’re incentivising our students to take part in our digital scavenger hunt, a fun way to engage with a variety of digital platforms, as part of The Leap campaign. They’ll be discovering different places where we provide useful information that will help support them as they prepare for this next big exciting step in their lives.”

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