Music Reviews

If you like your soul music planted in the 70’s-80’s you will love this new offering from Smoove & Turrell the only Geordies this Mackem girl, has on her playlist. Fronted by John Turrell and DJ Smoove.

Smoove & Turrell formed in the early 2000’s from professional DJ Smoove and John Turrell, an ex carpenter and talented teacher. The guys now cobble together fab music. The soul funk sound is fresh and clean and makes you want to do the housework and have fun.

‘Crown Posada’ the 4th album release from the band opens with a version “You Could’ve Been A Lady”, a hit originally for Hot Chocolate fronted by Errol Brown, the Smoove & Turrell version in my opinion is better and if the video doesn’t make you smile it’s time for bed.

John Turrell is a talented songwriter in his own right and Smoove, an equally talented DJ, make this album a fab mix of upbeat sun-soul music, given it’s all lively tunes with catchy lyrics.

“Days of Winter” slows things down a bit with a bass background and smooth vocals. The whole album is a familiar mix from Smoove and Turrell of old upbeat lyrical perfection and since their debut single in 2007 “I Can’t Give You Up”, Smoove’s talent has shone through so much so I think he should have been recognised to the same standard as Avici.

“New Jerusalem” closes the album in the same vein as it opens, guitar riffs, cymbals and showcasing John Turrell’s fine vocals, not forgetting the rest of this 6 piece outfit who all deserve a mention; Mike Porter on keyboards, Andy Champion on bass (the backbone of the music), Lloyd Croft on drums and Lloyd Wright on guitar, the latest musician to join the band does a sterling job. On the back of the album release S & T are touring, sadly though they aren’t gigging in the North East… like come on guys we need you back here asap! But if like me you cant get to see them live this is definitely one vinyl you need in your collection to make up for the disappointment.Crown_Posada

White Lies, London Trio White Lies formerly Fear Of Flying make a return to the studio with their latest offering simply called Friends, fronted by Harry Mcveigh and ably assisted by Charles Cave and Jack Brown. After a 3 year hiatus Friends could be the album to send them up the charts in 2016, with there feet firmly planted in and 80’s electro feel re,
Gary numan, cars. This new album is not dissimilar to their old material it starts nicely with the upbeat Take it out on me, then returns to the old familar white lies sound of doom and gloom, re The Smiths, with lyrics such as “im in love with the feeling, of being used”. Hold Back Your Love takes us swiftly back to the 70’s synth & disco sound. Difficult album to like maybe not the phrase if your a hard core White Lies fan but it balances precariously between, being full of energy which disappears quickly to tired and samely, you could be forgiven after the opening track of falling asleep and wakening thinking you hadnt missed a track, such is the format, a hard transition between labels and it shows. Overall a likeable album for the fans hoping the next album is exceptionally different.

Jones, New Skin

New Skin the flawless debut album by Jones is seemless, classic, upbeat and melodic are just a tiny few adjectives you can use to describe this album and the wonderful voice of Jones who until 12 months ago was unheard of then along came Jools Holland since then Jones has been thrust forward faster than a rocket. Her voice changes from intimate to sharp and soaring with the ease of an eagle on take off.
New Skin opens with Rainbow which puts Jones’s voice through its paces, this continues into Indulge and Hoops, Out of this world should be a summer anthem all year round with its sultery summer soul sound thanks to some wonderful production from Honne. to name just one , other collaborations are Lana Del Rey collaborator Justin Parker, Savages producer and xx mixer Rodaidh McDonald, Sam Smith co-writer Tourist, Two Inch Punch, XO, Oceaan and the enigmatic A.K. Paul and HONNE.
Overall an absolute must have for any serious collector whatever genre you follow this album and the wonderful voice of Jones leaves you ultimately wanting more.