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Vax Bare Floor Advance

Ive just had the pleasure, if cleaning floors was ever a pleasure of doing mine with a Vax Bare Floor Advance steam cleaner, and here is my thoughts on the machine,

Upon picking up the box i thought this is going to be heavy going compared to a quick sweep and damp mop, alas assembling was simple following the instructions in the handy user guide all i needed to do was lock the handle into place with a push and click, straight forward enough then to put the microfibre cleaning pad onto the head of the machine, that was also simple to do as it just attached like velcro, next came filling the dual tank, this i had a bit of a struggle with as the handle was small and shiny and difficult to grip (so maybe a rubber grip may work better here) then to undo the filler caps again these are small and fiddly if you have large or painful hands. once done i used the included measuring jug to add the lemon steam detergent, this smelt lovely so i thought this was going leave a gorgeous smell in the rooms. At this point i thought its going to easy i better check full instructions online but  i was ready to go, Plugged in switch on with the easy push button and less than a minute later the green light was on ready to go, 

Overall my experience of using the Vax Bare Floor Advance is very good this is the before picture which in a house with dogs is more paw prints than mary quant.Image


and after using the vax its nice and shiny,

Image it only took me 15 minutes to clean lounge kitchen and hall but the result is much better than the traditional mop and bucket i normally use. I also used the vax to freshen up a rug in my bedroom which it did a great job on and left it smelling fresh and clean. 

So apart from the niggles ive highlighted would i recommend this to my friends? without a doubt i would, especially if you have children as the detergent eliminates 99.9% of bacterial for up to 7 days, cuts through grease and grime with ease,the detergent is kind to the enviroment and for peace of mind comes with a manufacturers 2 yr guarantee.

For more information on this and all other vax products can be found on the website at

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