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Karcher window vac

I was lucky enough to recieve a Karcher Window vac to review and boy do i love it, The model i recieved was the WV60 window vac,  Upon opening the box included was a small 20ml bottle of concentrate cleaner, a 170mm Vacuum nozzle a larger 280mm nozzle a microfiber wiper with spray bottle and a Lithium battery and charger.

Assembling the product was easy and did not need the instructions but referred to them in case i got it wrong. I put the vacuum on charge for 20 minutes then set to cleaning the windows that our regular window cleaner forgot about and no longer calls, first a quick spray with the diluted solution and a wipe with the microfibre to loosen the dirt then using the larger nozzle started at the top of the window working my way down as is sucked up the water and mess and to my very pleasant surprise i could see the windows starting to gleam and no streaks. So i continued and cleaned all the windows inside and out at which point the microfibre cloth was looking worse for wear but i was able to quickly remove it and give it a rinse out, ( it has since been in the washing machine with no problems) after cleaning the windows I noticed our huge lounge mirror was full of marks and streaks this has always been a bug bear as no matter what i have  cleaned it with brand name cleaners a chamois and vinegar and newspaper its always remained streaky so i set to with the Karcher and i now have a fab streak free mirror.

ps i have also used the vac with the small nozzle on my car windows as i find no matter how often i clean them, when driving in the dark thats when smears appear at their worst no so with the Karcher this really has got rid of the nasty streaks that can hinder your view when driving.

The prices start from as low as £49 and  and available in most good diy stores and supermarkets.

I have since lent the vac to family and friends who have had nothing but praise for the Karcher vac, its a product i cant now live without and would highly recommend purchasing one. for effortless clean windows,

for streak free windows
for streak free windows

More information about the Karcher Window Vac  and all Karcher productscan be found on the website

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