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The day has arrived after the summer holidays the kids are back to school and the majority of us back to work. Are you in a job you hate and only doing it for the money?, or do you dream of working for yourself. Personally Im dreaming of working in PR once i finish my University degree in 20/20. I have done the dog walking/petsitting one after a few succesful years it went well when I was single but its hard when you have a family to leave them for weeks on end, unless you both do it, it can work.

  • Opportunities abound to be a model, a sommelier, or even just spend all day walking the dog
  • Research suggests daydreamers yearn for job satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance over a big salary
  • Dream jobs allow flexibility as well as enjoyment – and in many cases can command lucrative pay packages

London, 30 August 2018 – Dreams really do come true for a lucky few workers, according to new research from the world’s largest job site Indeed – which has identified 10 roles many of us grew up longing to do but have since abandoned in favour of a ‘proper’ job.

For most of us, many of the top 10 dream roles won’t even seem like ‘jobs’ in the conventional sense – spending days tasting wine, watching football or walking dogs, for example – but while they once may have felt youthfully, possibly naively, aspirational, they are still very much available and attainable.

Many job seekers are now returning to first instincts when it comes to their careers. While making a living will always be important, salary is no longer the dominant driver it was in the past.[1] Among young people in particular, the need for fulfillment and enjoyment often overrides the desire to make a fortune – even when fantasising about a notional ideal role.

As such, these ‘dream jobs’ are coming back into vogue, with job seekers prioritising their own satisfaction, a healthier degree of flexibility and a better work-life balance – many or all of which are key factors in the top 10.

As with any job, a combination of talent, application and perseverance is required to be successful, but that is not to say that anyone should ever feel discouraged from pursuing their dreams of being the next Kate Moss or John Motson – after all, somebody’s got to do it.


Average Salary[2]



Fashion Buyer


Private Investigator


Food Technologist




Dog Walker

£24,219 (£12.42ph)



In-ground Football Correspondent


Wedding Planner



£17,101 (£8.77ph)

Indeed found model to be the best paid role on the list with the average salary of £40,624, an attractive position in a great many ways – for anyone that looks the part and can walk the walk, this is a no-brainer.

Lovers of animals and the fresh air should consider the role of dog walker. Bringing home £24,219 while having endless hours of fun with man’s best friend, and getting in your 10,000 steps, this job is great for all ages and can be flexible around already busy schedules.

And football fans would doubtless love nothing better than being paid to watch the sport they love, making the role of in-ground correspondent an indulgent and enticing one at £20,628.

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at Indeed, commented: “Having a job that allows us to feel truly fulfilled is something worth chasing, and it can be mutually beneficial.

“For employers, finding an employee who is entirely suited to the role will lead to more innovative and committed team players whose intuition and drive can lead to better results.

“The jobs we have identified on our list combine leisure hobbies with bringing home a solid salary. By striking a balance between the two, people are able to become masters of their field, and their own destinies. When you spend the majority of your day doing something you love, you will be even prouder of the work you produce.

“By highlighting that many dream jobs are within touching distance, we hope this will inspire people to invest in themselves and achieve fulfillment both personally and professionally.”

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