It aint easy being wheezy

Damn You Asthma

As you may have noticed i love getting out for walks along the Durham Coastal Path, but i’ve been absent this last two weeks. I went for a walk couple of weeks ago and found it a struggle to make it up the sandbanks onto the footpath I became extremely breathless, weak everywhere, shaky and sticky, once i made it to the top which isn’t very far at all and not very steep I had to stop to take my rescue inhaler.(ventolin) the car was parked a five-minute walk away so I took my time and kept stopping to take pictures. I bumped into two fellow photographers who noticed that i was out of breath much to my embarrassment. After a brief chat I made it back to the car where I set off for home thinking I had probably done too much that day.

To cut a long story short I have been struggling to breath for the last couple of weeks but as I never go to A&E with my asthma I am totally oblivious to whether I’ve had an attack or not, take my rescue inhalers and carry on stoically or stupidly, make your own mind up. After upping the dosage of my inhalers in accordance to my care plan a week later im still struggling on, no wheeze,  peak flow rate is reasonable but not its best so i made a GP appointment to be told. My chest doesn’t sound too bad peak flow could be better, turns out I possibly did have an Asthma Attack and now have a chest infection so told to take it easy till I recover. On a course of steroid tablets and antibiotics. Moral of the story is i guess I don’t have typical asthma as i have a cough variant rather than wheeze asthma isn’t a one trick pony and can take many different forms so don’t take chances if in doubt get checked out. Asthma really is a killer and it’s not worth taking risks, (note to self)

It aint easy being wheezy.

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