My Weighloss, My Fitness

IAs a long-term sufferer of Chronic Asthma, depression and anxiety I decided the time was do something about my weight and overall health. Previously using a combination of the phone app, My Fitness Pal and lots of walking I lost almost 5 stone and my partner 9, then in 2015 we had an Annus Horriblus as the queen would say and put rather a lot of weight back on as we subsided into comfort eating.

My youngest daughter is graduating in July 2018 and we are invited to a posh wedding in September and as I live in jeans and tees decided it would be the right time to lose some weight and get fit into the bargain in the hope it would help my asthma spiralling out of control, having lost my mother to the disease when I was only little. As my wife was asked to be a bridesmaid at the wedding I said I would support her to losing weight and determined to stop buying clothes from the menswear department in Extra Large as they were the only things my otherwise small frame feel comfortable in. I joined a local gym alas it’s not a lycra and muscle gym this one is small and friendly based in the local GP surgery but its adequate for a beginner with little or no self-confidence.

It was a huge step to take having not been inside a gym for over yrs, but I was made to feel welcome and not at all out-of-place in my tatty joggers and illuminous trainers, not the best of looks but I fitted in. Four weeks on I go as often as I can I have lost over 30lb of blubber my overhanging belly and muffin tops are toning up and I’ve lost several inches from various parts of my body. I am now happy to go out in same jeans and tee-shirt but not ashamed to not cover up with a jumper or hoodie. At 56 so far i am proud of my achievement and can’t wait to lose some more weight and tone up so I can buy off the peg shelves from “normal” clothes shops something I have shied away from for years under the pretence that I hate clothes shopping when in reality I was just too embarrassed.

The next step now ive built up some fitness and confidence is to go to a mainstream gym where there are more classes and equipment to help keep me motivated and to buy some decent gymwear, tho I am open to sponsorship and reviews if any lovely companies would like to help a damsel in distress lol. I am posting this picture of me before and after as another form of motivation and self-confidence to keep inspiring me to do what I am doing. Which in itself is another achievement of how far I have come as previously I wouldn’t dream of posting a pic of myself?

17th March 2018 woke up feeling really good today got weighed but haven’t lost any weight but is not disheartened as I know that I’m eating healthy food and exercising regularly my downfall possibly not drinking enough water this week. I did measure myself and I’ve lost 4 and a quarter inches and as I wear clothes not scales this is what is important. Just after Xmas I bought myself a new Wrangler shirt thinking I was slimmer than I am alas when I tried it on it despite being an XXL in size it was about 3 sizes too small and didn’t meet in the middle. I chose not to give up but made this my aim to get into so imagine my delight when I tried it on and it fitted and fastened. Still got a few lumps and bumps on show with it but I know they will tone up in time so wearing the shirt without these is on my list of goals.

06-April 2018 weight loss hasn’t happened this week due to overindulging at Easter but didn’t take long to get back on track and I have been to the gym every day since and achieving little victories elsewhere. I have set myself little goals on the machines like 2 miles on the stationary bike and beating the machine to complete it, managed that quite easily yesterday so next goal 2.5 miles till it achieved with comfort. When I started the gym by biggest nemesis was the cross trainer 30 seconds was enough legs were giving way and every step was like a miss step off a big kerb,(if that makes sense) yesterday managed 4 minutes so next target I will increase it by 30 seconds till it is achieved with ease, so again little steps equal little victories. the battle will be 20 minutes on the cross trainer by Sept. The next little victory is me being brave enough to take a selfie in the gym no the most flattering of pics but I done it. NowI need to invest in more gym wear and be brave enough to go to a larger gym.

Fast forward to june still going to the gym just not as often, but being vary careful what i eat and now the weather is a bit nicer im getting into gardening more and walking so all is good

3 yrs ago I promised to get fit and set small targets one of these was to make it to the top of Penshaw Monument a local historical landmark nr Sunderland. I have visited often but not climbed the steep steps to the top for fear of embarresment. So two night ago i decided id go out with the camera chasing sunsets, and thought Penshaw is fab for sunsets with the aim of stayin at the bottom of the hill, alas the view was awful so i thought you know Sue you can do this you are fitter now than you have ever been. Not thinking id even get half way i ventured up the step the bottom few we fine as the National Trust have put in a great path way to the top but its still a long hard climb when you are asthmatic overweight and very unfit, I made it half way stopped and turned to admire the view, still partially blocked by trees. There was only one way i was going to get a sunset set shot and that was by going all the way. As i got closer to the top the steps got a bit steeper but I kept on going till finally i was literally on top of Sunderland looking down.

It really goes to show with determination and willpower “The Only Way isnt Essex its UP.