Back to School With BOKA

Boka is the new all green for go traffic light snack you wont feel guilty about eating.  The full set of green traffic  lights means each bar is super low in fat, saturates, sugars and salts, and only 96 calories in a bar. Named after the Italian Bocca for mouth Boka bars come in four flavours Caramel, Strawberry, Apple Cinammon and Choco Mallow.

It took the creators a lot of trial and error to get the flavours right and I believe they have achieved this. Four green lights means its good to go no hidden sugars or anything else that is deemed bad for you.

The first snack bar in Europe to be low in sugar, salt, saturates and fat. Products are in line with key health guidelines -with criteria set out by the Department of Health in its Change4Life* public health programme aiming to get children/parents eating no more than two 100 calorie snacks per day. Sweet enough to temp even the sweetest pallette away from sugary food and drinks Boka hits the spot leaves you feeling like you have eaten the forbidden fruit with no guilty pangs.

I tried all four varieties but my favourites are Apple/cinammon while my other half likened the choco Mallow to a rocky road cake, High praise indeed. Ideal treats for the lunchbox for adults or little people Boka is a healthy cereal snack for everyone. 

So stop squinting at labels and worrying about hidden sugars, and start enjoying delicious snacks… Remember, four greenlights means you’re good to go!


To read all about Boka bars check out the blog from BokaFoods,


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