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    Accidents that Occur at Night

    New research from Led Hut. shows the Top Ten list of accidents that happen at night are. Stubbed a toe (56%) Stepping on something (48%) Walking into a door (43%) Tripping over something (35%) Trapping a hand in a door (32%) Knocked something over (24%) Scolding themselves (21%) Hitting their head (19%) Slipping on the stairs (15%) Falling out of bed (12%)      MIDNIGHT MISHAPS 56% of British adults get up during the night More than 1 in 3 confessed to having had an accident in the dark A SURPRISING number of British adults admit that they have had an accident when they get up during the night. A survey…

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    It aint easy being wheezy

    Damn You Asthma As you may have noticed i love getting out for walks along the Durham Coastal Path, but i’ve been absent this last two weeks. I went for a walk couple of weeks ago and found it a struggle to make it up the sandbanks onto the footpath I became extremely breathless, weak everywhere, shaky and sticky, once i made it to the top which isn’t very far at all and not very steep I had to stop to take my rescue inhaler.(ventolin) the car was parked a five-minute walk away so I took my time and kept stopping to take pictures. I bumped into two fellow photographers…

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    The Black Dog I never write about my health issues as i find baring my soul hard to take, but today after feeling under the weather for a few days despite being on longterm antidepressants. Today it has struck me that im sinking into that horrible hole where i hoped i wouldnt end up again. Ive had depression now many years from what started as “PND” post natal depression some 25yr ago. I have sunk into black holes for sometimes a reason and sometimes not and this time there is no rhyme or reason to it. Everything is fine at home, im on holiday from University which i love we…

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