My main love next to my new wife is photography currently using a Nikon D5000  I will post some of my favourite photos here, please don’t copy and use elsewhere. If you see a photo you like please ask if you wish to use it thank you.

1st May and as the sun was shining I done some written homework and then took myself off for a wander with my camera, it feels likes its been ages since I done this so really enjoyed exploring, firstly I took a stroll along the Durham Coastal Path on the site of the old EasingtonIIy Colliery. it looks like The National Trust (NT) have been having a clear out as its seems even barer than when I was last there with lots of bushes and shrubs cleared from the paths. Next, it was onto somewhere I hadn’t been before Hurworth Burn Reservoir, this fab spot is about 15 min drive from where we live but I’ve only recently discovered it and what a find it is easily accessible with good footpaths and a photographers dream a hide overlooking the burn. Today was a bit on the quiet side for birds I only managed to spy a family of herons, but I will be back plenty more over the summer.

After a week of struggling with asthma and depression i gave in and went to the doctors who gave me new meds with exacerbated my problems and made me sleepy. So i decided they werent for me and i needed to get out more so on Saturday i went for an evening stroll around the beautiful city that is Durham. Here is just a few images i took.


This followed on Sunday Morning by a walk through Hardwick Park, nr Sedgefield. Its 3 weeks since we were last here and wow have the goslings grown they are now fully fledged Canadian Geese but is was so good to see the new cygnets. We are lucky there is so much to see and do locally to us and even on the way home we stopped at farmers field to take pictures of the Linseed fields which are full of colour especially when the sun shines.

Hardwick Park, Sedgefield

Last week the local group im a member of decided to have a drive out to some remote countryside in the hope of getting some Milky Way shots and i was invited. Surprising what you find just and hour and a half from home, Balderston Reservoir in deepest dark County Durham was the spot we headed for we arrived shortly after 11pm just as the stars were appearing and the moon was going down. After lots of oohs and ahhs it was time to set the tripods and cameras up a group of 8 or 9 of us stood in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the bleating of the sheep we had rudely awoken and owls in the distant trees. Our focus was on a lone tree at the side of the reservoir as the Milky Way blessed us with a stunning show.

This was my first time tackling Astrophotography but luckily help was on hand in the form of Dave and Steve from the group. I never realised how tricky it was to set up a camera in the dark well pitch black really. The pics below arent fantastic but for my very first attempt and with my kit im very pleased with them.

Kit Nikon D5000, kit lens 18-55mm, manual setting iso 3200 on 25 second release…

Following on from the night shoot two weeks ago last night I couldnt sleep so on facebook someone had posted a photograph of the moon rising, so guess what I just had to try? After a few very blurry shots i came up with these two photos, different setting to the milky way shots as the moon rises quickly and is very bright had to use low iso of 100. and fast shutter speed, What do you think of my first attempt?

rising moon, first attempts

 second attempt

Id love to know what you think of my photos, feel free to leave a message on this post or any posts feedback always appreciated.