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Well havent done anything with our garden in a couple of years, we had all the rotten fences replaced with new 6-foot ones which make the garden feel bigger but more secure and private which we love. Last year we didn’t do much to improve the aesthetics and all we seemed to look  at was Green, the lawn which is a host to weeds could really do with a lot of help to make it a pleasure, the overhanging bushes and trees from the neighbour’s garden, which we really don’ mind especially as this year should be a bumper crop from the apple tree.

We are booked in to have some decking done at the end of April, this will be on the left of the picture halfway up, (the flattest part) and also it gets most sunlight hours. So we will have a nice seating area, and place to relax with family and friends, this is at the cost of our holiday which we had booked but decided to transform or at least try to transform the garden. So onto the borders. These will all need digging out and replanting as they are now overrun with weeds.

At the top of the garden on the other side of the fence is a huge tree and as with all trees what goes up goes under too so a lot of garden is unmanageable due to tree roots in the ground, which is why i havent attempted it for 2 year. Here I am hoping to place some raised beds so we can grow a few veg and or flowers. I need some topsoil as i have already used bricks at the top to make some sort of border but it needs tidying and topping up and replanting in the hope anything will grow.  Around the grass i am going to plant some snowdrops and crocuses so we have some early spring flowers. The right hand side the fence is on a bank, so we planted some golden conifers. because these are slower growing than leyandii and look nicer. Once they reach 5 foot i’m going to top them off so that they spread out more and cover more of the fence.

Along with the raised beds i hope to have in place soon, I would love a greenhouse but i cant see that happening this year, sadly. So its watch this space.

Took delivery of some garden decoration on monday built by a local joiner p’sbuilds from Peterlee. I need to stain these and line the planters so that’s next job on the agenda for this weekend. Wheelbarrow planters made from offcuts, a bird feeder/planter, 3 tier planter, im tempted to drill holes and use for strawberries as they will overhang. and lastly a wishing well planter, now waiting delivery of a pub type bench and the decking that is getting laid next weekend.

Below is a picture today of the garden as it is, if anyone companies would like to help me fulfill my dream garden i’d love to work with you. Please get in touch

thanks for reading.

Before decking

Update– the decking is not now going ahead as the “landscaper” uses term very loosely, had based the cost on last years prices so from getting a price and to the time of ordering -2 weeks the cost had more than doubled. I’m the first to admit things can go wrong but if your’e doing a job surely the first rule is if your giving a quote use up to date prices!

After a lot of umming and arghinng and window shopping we found a sofa set instead which we are going to use this year and maybe go for the decking later in the year when its “out of season”. Now i’m going to sound like Victor Meldrew, but when we  thought we were sorted and ready for a peaceful year in the garden surrounded by trees and shrubs the next door neighbours have decided to tidy their garden. This should of course be a good thing, well it is for them but for us its a pain as there side of the fence was filled with mature shrubs and trees, giving us some privacy well not anymore they have removed them all leaving the fence open and facing onto their doors.

Privacy and privets now decimated, and our dogs are going to bark everytime they come out of their door. An me currently suffering from Asthma that has left me barely able to walk 200 yards. im going to have to find something on a very tight budget to cover the fence with. So we can have some privacy back.

So will it be a fast growing shrub like the Russian Vine of which i have read some horror stories about how quickly it grows. But when you have social anxieties like i have this seems to be the cheapest and quickest option.

Ideally we would like it covering with something less green and that wont cause a problem but given our lack of cash quickest and cheapest will do.

The most annoying part now is there is nowwhere for the birds to hide while waiting to hop on the bird feeder. So a small rearrangement is needed there too.


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