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As today my other half is at work and im bored of scrolling facebook etc I thought id hit the blog up so pondered a bucket list, or things id like to do before i’m 60 (oh my im getting old). We have already decided a two year plan for when I finish University we are looking to relocate to either North Yorks or to the Scottish Borders as we both love the idea of country living, but its just not practical yet or id move in a heartbeat. Would need a job any offers greatfully accepted.

I will post my list further down but after googling I found this list 50 things to do at least once in your fifties.

  1. Karaoke. (done it)
  2. Go on a road trip with friends. yep id like this one
  3. Dramatically change your hairstyle or look. is pink dramatic enough done that in my thirties.
  4. Learn a new language.  Cheese Garlic Bread Special in Italian is appealing
  5. Formally learn a style of dance. nope
  6. Get a tattoo. already got a few
  7. Travel to an exotic destination. i can go for this one as first holiday next year to Kos.
  8. Go skinny dipping. Only if you want to evacuate the immediate area.
  9. Build something yourself (Ikea assembly, while impressive, doesn’t count). ikea and argos both done, b & q shed, tick
  10. Help fix an issue that has always bothered you through volunteering.  shoot poachers if its allowed.     List supplied from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/23/things-to-do-at-least-once_n_3028271.html.

Now onto my list

  1. Northern Lights as a keen photographer everyone needs to see this fab display
  2. Write a book. My life story could send a glass eye to sleep but will it sell?
  3. Hot Air Balloon. I would love a hot air balloon ride, i can even provide some hot air.
  4. Exotic Destination is up there. Barbados Bali Jamaica.
  5. Sleep under the stars, hopefully can make this come true with the 2 year plan and move to some dark sky  area.
  6. Model Photography i would love to be brave enough and confident enough to try this.
  7. Safari who doesnt love a safari failing that visit every zoo in the UK.
  8. Sit in the cockpit of a plane or flight simulator maybe the safter option.
  9. Own a motor bike, have owned one when i was younger its always the best way to travel
  10. Own a 4×4. for when the weather isnt kind enough for bike riding.

What is on your bucket list? feel free to leave a comment.

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