Timex Meets Snoopy

The lovely people at Timex Watches have rolled back time and gone traditional with a new range of watches featuring that loveable favourite hound Snoopy devised by Charles Shultz.

Featuring a Stainless Steel case and many of Timex’s well honed crafts including a quartz movement and water resistant up to 30 meters.

Sadly I wasn’t sent the snoopy watch to review but the one i received was equally as gorgeous and well crafted and being a self confessed watch-a-holic for many years like many I have slipped into using a fitness tracker in place of a watch, but the one i was sent for review purposes (pic below) freed me from what felt like shackles. I attended a wedding at the end of September and thought i cant wear this tacky tracker to the wedding. So as I was away for a week I left my tracker at home and wore one of my old watches which i love and kept the new Timex for the wedding day and it was like being released not checking to see if i had hit a step target or what my heart rate was. It was like a weight lifted so now im back to using a watch as I am sure many others will be soon when they realize its more important to know the time, and look good than to feel chained.

This watch is definitely going on my Christmas wish list though as ive rediscovered my love of my wrist looking good and not something from the famous Orwell book 1984 tracking my every movement. We have more than enough CCTV doing that.

The Welton has a 40mm strap big enough for even my chunky wrist. A cool brown leather strap for comfort and the hands are snoopy swinging a baseball bat and ball.

If this has whetted your appetite for watches check out the Welton and Snoopy watch herehttps://www.timex.co.uk/welton-featuring-snoopy-40mm-leather-strap-watch/Welton-Featuring-Snoopy-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch.html?dwvar_Welton-Featuring-Snoopy-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch_color=Stainless-Steel-Brown-Silver-Tone&cgid=men-shop-all#start=1

Timex do a whole range of watches to suit all the family and have been a must have in our household for many years.

This is the watch i was sent to review the Torrington Ladies Watch with Stainless Steel bracelet, which is a fab watch and a revelation to wear compared to my fitness tracker.

Torrington 27mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Gold-Tone/Silver-Tone large

For pricing and more watches check out the Timex Website