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Fluvel chi fish tank

Fluval Chi Fish Tank was so simple to set up my partner done it in a few minutes and it looks fab , The ambience it creates brings a feel of luxury to any room and the gently cascasding water is said to bring positive energy  and prosperity. You cant see in the pic but we have a male Siamese Fighting Fish in ours  as we wanted to keep it simple and clean  and this fish thrives well in most enviroments, The 19litre tank come with all accessories including water filter lighting gravel and plants. The top Light can have a cover on to keep the trickling water noise down or take it off to hear it and help aerate the tank.

IMG_0007The powerful Led lighting is a safe low voltage system, This aquarium is suitable for Coldwater fish, such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Neones Chinos and Rainbow Dace.

Stocking level – 1cm (excluding tail) for every 3L of water.

It is also suitable for temperate fish, such as Zebra Danios, Platys and Danios.

Stocking level – 1cm (excluding tail) for every 2L of water.

Easy to set up and maintain.

We love the glow of the lights on an evening and the gentle trickle is like sitting by a pond on a summers evening, for more information on the Fluval Chi RRP 59.99


check out the swell pets website at www.swelluk.com and see their full range of tanks aquariums and vivariums.



Hotter Shoes


I dont know about you, but ive always thought of hotter shoes as being more for the older generation,although im 52 i dont see myself as middle aged or elder in any way, So when i was asked if id like to review Hotter Shoes i was slighty arghhhh im getting old but when i saw the wide selection of shoes and boots availabe i had a drastic change of mnd. Hotter shoes are for everyone but the one thing that remains constant is the comfort of them,

I recieved a pair of Uptown Boots, I was in need of new boots for the winter coming and these have served me very well 3 month on im still wearing them and keeping my feet dry.


The uptown are bang on trend with the biker fashion buckles in nubuck leather, and plenty of toe room, the sole is ultra flexible and made for comfort when wearing them i often have to stop myself to make sure im not wearing my slippers, These are great ankle boots with zip fastening, they look good with casual jeans and smart trousers. Available in black or brown both colours have contrasting strap with buckles.

Hotter shoes are available in half sizes which are hard to find on the high street.

Hotter Shoes are british made in Lancashire by a family owned company who have been producing comfortable shoes for over 50years, wit the emphasis on comfort and quality. Service is also paramount to Hotter shoes from placing an order online or over the phone every customer is important and not just a number, and all the staff are well trained and knowledgable.

Comfy shoes deliver Happy feet

But that’s not the end of the Hotter story… we hope you’ve discovered lots more about us on our website, which is 100% safe and secure and uses the most up-to-date technology to give you a smooth and trouble-free online shopping experience. And as a true multi-channel marketer we sell our footwear through 54 Hotter stores and more than 200 independent retailers nationwide.Every single person at Hotter works towards your satisfaction, we never forget how important our customers are to our success, we make sure your every experience is as positive as possible. Please keep coming back to find out more about our latest Hotter developments,
If you would like to have happy feet check out the website
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garden in January

The gardening has just about come to a stop now with the winter upon us it looks bare with no flowers and the grass is just a sodden mess on a plus side the bird feeding station i made although also looking a bit bare is bearing the fruits of my labours i such a short space of time i have had blackbirds picking at the fallen apples, a pigeon that almost lives at the top of the garden, blue tits robins and sparrows all now pay a visit.


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Win a St Valentines meal for 2 at Mez Ban

As our last competition proved so popular we are doing it again. If your in London and love fine dining and Indian cuisine this is for you.
The fab people at Mez Ban are offering as a valentines treat a meal for 2 at their resteraunt in Hammersmith.


Mez Ban is well known locally for its fine food and friendly staff . All dishes are made using only the finest locally sourced fish meat and vegetables, to help support the local community
MezBan philosphy is to use the finest local ingredients for the best in Indian taste.
The menu has a wide variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes to cater for all tastes and friendly staff. Everyone is made welcome. So whether you want a Tandoori, chicken seafood or vegetarian dish at prices rarely seen this far south. Id recommend

Mez Ban 103 Hammersith Grove,London W6 0NQ,

telephone for reservations 0208 741 1088
Mez Ban
Dont forget to follow both @madein1961 and Rt

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New York bakery Company



If you have ever been to New York or like me dream of going, this year the taste of New York comes to you from the New York Bakery Co. You may of tried these from your supermarket but for 2013 is a new limited edition festive flavour Cranberry & Orange.


All of the New York Bakery Co Bagels are made the New York way boiling them before they are stone baked for the authentic tase of nyc.making them chewy on the outside and soft in the middle. 

They come in a array of flavours incl fruit and oat bagels, red onion & chive and sesame bagels and plain bagels, But these are my new found favourite breakfast toasted with fresh butter on the taste is delicious  and with plenty of fruit.( each cranberry and orange bagel is just 246 cals) which if like me your watching your weight bagels are a great way to start the day. Of course there are other ways to serve bagels  Image more recipe ideas can be found on the website http://www.newyorkbakery.co.uk/EN/Pages/Home.aspx 


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Graham & Brown Meets Kelly Hoppen

With Christmas time just around the corner we immediately think is the house spick and span for the man in the red suit. well i know i do, So when i was offered the chance to review home decor from two of my fave products i couldnt refuse. The products in question are a new range of wallpaper from Graham & Brown designed by the awe inspiring not so dragon-ish Kelly Hoppen.

Ive always been a big fan of Kelly Hoppen and have several of her pieces in my home. The room i chose to decorate was the main bedroom previously this had on vibrant red poppies, which we thought looked ok as it tied in well with the other 3 plain walls and black furniture the only problem being lack of bedding to match, So every time we needed new bedding it was red or red bit of a hobsons choice.

The wallpaper i decided on was the Bold Stripe Image

The paper itself oozes quality from a brand such as Graham & Brown you wouldnt expect anything less. It was so easy to put up too, paste the wall and hang,  so less crinkles and creases to contend with.

so not having to drag soggy paper across the room I set to papering, the paper once on the pasted wall was manouverable and slid easily into place and 2 hours later by just papering one wall i had transformed a room from a vibrant, busy room to a tranquil sleeping area again.

The Bold Stripe that i chose retails at £26 a roll but is in no way expensive ive had dearer papers that were lesser quality and as i love decorating and get bored easily i all to often change rooms around. But this is one paper that can stay a while longer.

From this

Image Imageto this in a couple of hours, what do you think of my transformation??

The bold stripe and full range of Kelly Hoppen inspired papers can be found at


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Hotel Chocolat


The place for chocolate lovers to taste and rate our brand new chocolate recipes before anyone else. {“id”:”6D80B2B8-F445-Image


If like me you love chocolate then you need to discover the joy of Hotel chocolat, Founded in 1998 the Hotel Chocolate tasting club was formed to thrill and excite the taste buds and boy it never fails . With a different selection of chocolates every month each member recieves a score card on which to provied feedback to Hotel Chocolat which helps to keep producing fab flavours month after month.

Milk, dark and white chocolate
With something for everyone a little bit of everything to love, in a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate – including soft truffles, melt-away pralines, caramels, batons and more.

I was sent a delicious Autumnal Nutty selection
which as a nut lover was perfect for me, Praline-filled walnut, Caramel Truffle Acorns, Praline-filled Hazelnuts (with a whole nut tucked inside!), nutty caramel and and a delicious hazelnut praline.

Weight: 215g / 7.5oz.  

price is £16.00 which for fab quality chocolates  



Weight: 215g / 7.5oz.

price is £16.00 which for fab quality chocs is great the service is fab sent out on time and well packaged to avoid any damage , fresh chocolates delivered every month is the way to go.

If your interested in joining the taste club more details can be found on their delicious website


Now is the perfect time to order for christmas as they have some awesome new collections available that you wont find in the shops




cs is great the service is fab sent out on time and well packaged to avoid any damage , fresh chocolates delivered every month is the way to go.

If your interested in joining the taste club more details can be found on their delicious website


Now is the perfect time to order for christmas as they have some awesome new collections available that you wont find in the shops




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Ringtons a Great North East Tradition


Look at the Image above what does it remind you of, days gone by that your grandparents and parents if your my age told you about, to me it signifies quality and the North East at its best.
When Samuel Smith O.B.E. began trading as a tea merchant in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1907, he was not to know that one day his Company and its delivery vehicles would be a familiar feature in countless cities, towns and villages stretching from Edinburgh to Peterborough.
Now, 105 years after Sam Smith began his business, we continue to deliver door-to-door to over 280,000 customers throughout the UK, and many more worldwide via our online store. We also provide the nations’ superior cafes, restaurants, hotels and workplaces with the best tea and coffee via our successful wholesale division, Ringtons Beverages.
If, like us, all this talk of tea has made you thirsty, why not pop the kettle on and drink to another successful hundred years of Ringtons!

I look forward to my fortnightly delivery of quality tea, coffee biscuits, banter and much more from the friendly staff who work for this fab company, sadly not delivered with a horse anymore but a small van in the same livery that has made Ringtons a great household name.

As well as all the above Ringtons do some fab specials like the one i was sent to review the 1907 gift set

The perfect gift for Ringtons and memorabilia fans, our latest 1907 gift box brings together our highly collectable 1907 fine bone china beaker and matching tea caddy.

The 1907 tea caddy with detachable lid is matt cream with gold gloss, while the matt cream beaker features 22 carat gold detailing. Both the caddy and the fine bone china beaker celebrate our rich heritage and feature our much-loved horse and cart, the original RT crest and the iconic Ringtons building on Algernon Road in Newcastle.

This beautiful gift box also contains All-Butter shortbread Rounds and 80 Kenyan gold.

1 x 1907 Beaker
1 x 1907 Caddy
80 x Kenyan Gold tea bags
200g x Shortbread Rounds

For further information about Ringtons and their fab products and order enquiries go online to


or tel the friendly customer care team on 0800 052 2440


Garden Overhaul

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my blog, This post is going to run as its following the overhaul of our garden, We have lived here just over 3 yrs and in that time due to ill health the grass has only ever been cut occasionally, after first having a regular grass cutter who didnt know the meaning of regular then me managing to break 3 lawn mowers in a short space of time, At times its like we live on a demolition site there is approx half an inch of soil the rest is rock hard clay and broken bricks and slabs etc.

Anyway now ive lost weight and got on top of my health issues i decided it was time to try to do something with our bleak vista.

The first photo is the garden as it was on saturday 13th July in 3 days i have worked hard to make it into a nice area. Pixie our mini yorkie hates all the lumps and bumps in it, Me i hate the fence but as its rented property i cant afford to replace the fencing so im having to make do with hedges for the time being. More pics to follow..


Its now July 24th and after a few hard days in the sun trying to do a little bit of digging and planting i feel i have accomplished a fair bit in my personal quest to make the garden a nice area.



not happy with the centre piece as i made it too small i added to it the next day, thankfully our local garden centre was selling off some plants cheaply.

The bigger ctr piece

down the right hand side i have planted some leylandii to hopefully grown and make a nice secluded area, till we can afford a fence. and on the left hand side im hoping to plant some country cottage type plants that will regrow every year like lupins, and other hardy perenialls for an easy to keep garden,

At the back where was once a border of sorts im working on that area and am awaiting some Fruit Trees from @Thomson & morgan.

The Fab People from @Gardens2You sent me some gorgeous ornaments for the garden im so impressed by the quality and unique styles this is one site that is going to get some orders in I love browsing the website and making plans for what i want next.

Antique cast iron birdbath/feeder

Antique cast iron birdbath/feeder


resin Lizard

The garden ornaments are available to buy online from www.gardens2you.co.uk in a range of prices to suit every pocket the variety of ornaments is better than you will find in any garden centre.

prices top to bottom-http://www.gardens2you.co.uk/garden-bird-care/1618-cast-iron-butterfly-bird-bath.html



After a relatively easy week keeping on top of the work already done yesterday i decided to tackle the borders, or to be precise the wild undergrowth where borders once were, last year i asked 2 local gardeners for a price for this work and none of them would tackle it. So yes it was very hard work to remove the grass and weeds then trying to turn it over was another story, met with tree roots, plastic containers and glass and stones 2 days later we have the beginnings of flower beds.

Now i need some top soil, manure and some edging of some description to give it some definition.

For my small patio area at the side of the house a friend won some planters from Keter, the look like plant pots with a spike but they actually hang from them link that is hidden underneath, i love them they are quirky and admired by all.



Karcher window vac

I was lucky enough to recieve a Karcher Window vac to review and boy do i love it, The model i recieved was the WV60 window vac,  Upon opening the box included was a small 20ml bottle of concentrate cleaner, a 170mm Vacuum nozzle a larger 280mm nozzle a microfiber wiper with spray bottle and a Lithium battery and charger.

Assembling the product was easy and did not need the instructions but referred to them in case i got it wrong. I put the vacuum on charge for 20 minutes then set to cleaning the windows that our regular window cleaner forgot about and no longer calls, first a quick spray with the diluted solution and a wipe with the microfibre to loosen the dirt then using the larger nozzle started at the top of the window working my way down as is sucked up the water and mess and to my very pleasant surprise i could see the windows starting to gleam and no streaks. So i continued and cleaned all the windows inside and out at which point the microfibre cloth was looking worse for wear but i was able to quickly remove it and give it a rinse out, ( it has since been in the washing machine with no problems) after cleaning the windows I noticed our huge lounge mirror was full of marks and streaks this has always been a bug bear as no matter what i have  cleaned it with brand name cleaners a chamois and vinegar and newspaper its always remained streaky so i set to with the Karcher and i now have a fab streak free mirror.

ps i have also used the vac with the small nozzle on my car windows as i find no matter how often i clean them, when driving in the dark thats when smears appear at their worst no so with the Karcher this really has got rid of the nasty streaks that can hinder your view when driving.

The prices start from as low as £49 and  and available in most good diy stores and supermarkets.

I have since lent the vac to family and friends who have had nothing but praise for the Karcher vac, its a product i cant now live without and would highly recommend purchasing one. for effortless clean windows,

for streak free windows

for streak free windows

More information about the Karcher Window Vac  and all Karcher productscan be found on the website