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LetterBox Cakes and save 15%

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a “letterbox cake” from the lovely people at Bakerdays.com.

As it was the father in laws birthday the following week Opted to get a cake sent to him, sadly I never got to taste it as he lives 300 miles away but it was a lovely surprise for him and he did say it tasted yummy. With a selection of cakes to suit every occasion.letterbox cakes are a fab little gift that really does fit through your letterbox. They arrived safely packaged in a 5-inch tin, we opted for this DIY/builder design as Mick is a builder and had it personalised without names. There is also a choice of sponge ranging from Dairy Freee for those with an intolerance, to Chocolate and even a gluten-free option to traditional sponge so something for everyone.

If you order your cake before 2 pm you should receive it the next day,  ideal for those last minute surprises or you can order to have it sent in time for a special day. I will be ordering a graduation cake soon for my daughter in July.


Now if this has inspired you to buy a Letterbox Cake we have a special offer saving you a whopping 15% if you use the code….   DAILYBREWREVIEWS15


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Silent Sunday

Silent sunday Yorkshire Moors, #peaceful #tranqul

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Tile Mate- if you can attach it, you can track it.

Tile-Mate is the easy way to locate lost keys, bags or anything else with the help of this Bluetooth tracker. We all know how frustrating it can be when you are in a hurry to pick the kids up and can’t find your car keys, but with Tile products and a mobile phone with activated bluetooth, the process is simple, as it setting the Tile up.

It Literally took seconds to set the application and tile to work with a very simple process. I downloaded the app for the iTunes store, (it’s also available on Android) following the instructions it was simply a case of pressing the Tile logo on the tile itself which then played a tune and as instructed placed the tile next to my phone for the two to connect and hey presto done. But the real beauty of this little gadget is you can also use it to locate your phone, again simply press the Tile logo on the tile itself and you Phone will play a tune once located. I need never worry about where I have left my keys again which like most people I am prone to do often. You can also add a friend to your app so you can both locate you keys etc.

This Versa-Tile Tile is available in 4 different versions the Tile Sport is rugged and waterproof so ideal for hobbyists who are likely to get wet. Tile Style is white with gold coloured edging for those with a bit of pizzazz who wish to show off their tiles. The Tile Mate which I was sent to review is  a white understated piece the width of two credit cards, and the Tile slim slightly larger but also much thinner ideal for wallets, purses, bags and cardholders

Check out which Tile suits your needs here . 

I will definitely be buying more of these little gadgets but if you would like the chance to win one check out my Instagram and Twitter pages.


and twitter DBRDurham 

I was sent the Tile to review and also offer one as a giveaway good luck, all you need to do is follow us on twitter and Instagram x

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Patrick, Pug Actually or when love turns Pugly.

As a slave to a pug I know how loyal, stubborn, irritating, needy and downright almost human this breed can be. So to emphasise all things pug along comes a movie about Patrick.

Synopsis. Sarah Francis is a young woman whose life is a bit of a mess. The last thing she needs is someone else to look after, let alone someone who dribbles, snores and eats from the kitchen bin!! Yet, like it or not, her Grandmother has bequeathed her a very spoilt dog, Patrick  – her pug. Surely she must have had her reasons?!

Apparently not, as this four-legged interloper proceeds to cause chaos in all aspects of Sarah’s life. But then something remarkable happens. Patrick, with all his stubby, stumpy attitude, begins to turn her life around check out the trailer below.

http://EMBED LINK <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/VB5cV1VQKz4″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

PATRICK WILL BE RELEASED BY BUENA VISTA INTERNATIONAL ON 29TH JUNE. from the makers of Absolutely fab this looks like Bridget Jones Pug styleee and i cant wait til its release.


Yours @P1ratepug


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Just another Weekend

Well after 6 months of fashionable greys it’s time for a change

So back to cosy cottage feel it shall be …

Back to black thankfully we only need to paper one wall, then it’s onto flat pack furniture oh and hopefully pay for the new sofa next week when student loan hits. As we have a blank space after selling the old corner suite which had to be moved with military precision as had to pay someone to remove window to get it out.

The end result back to wildlife and loving it.

Sunday it’s flat pack day first piece assembled and I’m impressed at my skills I get better as I get older even the paper is still on the wall

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Being Kept on Hold- Britains Greatest Tolerance Test.

New research from Tile, the world’s leading smart location trackers, has revealed that time-wasting is the UK’s number one greatest bugbears.

The top five time-wasting gripes are:

1.       Being kept on hold on the phone

2.       Being stuck in traffic or waiting for delayed public transport

3.       Queuing

4.       Waiting for friends and family who are running late

5.       Looking for lost or misplaced items

The average person spends 10 minutes a day looking for their misplaced items, and Brits have admitted that they resent that wasted time. It’s also left them in a serious state of lateness, as well as incurring the wrath of those around us.

29% of Brits said they have missed a flight/train/bus, while over a quarter (27%) admitted to being late into work. The delay has caused an argument for 1 in 10 (15%) people, whilst another 1 in 10 (12%) people even forgot to pick up their children from school.

Technology, like Tile, can help people save those 10 minutes every day. When asked what they would do with that saved time, almost a third (32%) said they’d try to fit in some elusive exercise, 29% of house-proud Brits said they would spend it catching up on chores, whilst 17% said they would spend more time with their children.

When asked what they would do for others with that time, 27% said they would call on their parents or grandparents, 25% would offer to pick up shopping for an elderly neighbour, and 21% said they would try to feed those homeless on the street.

Peter Groom, EMEA Sales Director at Tile said: “With so many commitments in both our digital and real lives, we’re increasingly being pushed for time. As a result, we have lost the one thing us Brits are known for – our patience. The research revealed that a matter of minutes wasted looking for lost items or waiting for a train is enough to have us seething with resentment.

One of our biggest gripes is misplacing our items and wasting time trying to relocate it. Luckily, technology in the form of location trackers can come to the rescue for time-poor Brits. Tile is a particularly clever gadget that can be attached to the most commonly misplaced items – phones, wallets and keys – so we know where they are at all times and can sound an alert should they be misplaced to dramatically cut down the time we spend searching for them. For items that are lost or stolen, the wider Tile community can be alerted as well to increase the likelihood of being reunited with our treasured items. And with the time saved, it’s clear Brits want to put the time to good use. We’re encouraged that so many people would do acts of kindness as opposed to thinking of themselves and that people are keen to give back to loved ones and the community.”

If you would like to win one of these fab devices keep following on

twitter @madein1961

, Instagram  @tigga61  and facebook.

Tile Tracker Competition coming soon

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Percy Cute Tees

PercyCute tees where established in 2012, and since then ive been trying to win their fab competitions. So I was thrilled to get the chance to review some and run a competition for my readers.

Not only do PercyCute make original design tee shirts they now also offer a wide range of sweatshirts, vests and accessories, as worn by Scotty T,(geordie shore) and Jasmin Walia (Towie). So does wearing a Percy make you famous? maybe not but you will be in great company.

Made from 100% quality cotton the tees are really well made, no frays or loose stitching just oozing quality with original artwork that you wont find on any other brands. Sizing is generous and caters for all shapes and sizes from XXS to XXXL and a price to suit every pocket.


If you want the chance to #win a surprise tee shirt like and follow me on twitter @madein1961 and https://twitter.com/PercyCuteTees and enter the rafflecoptor giveaway on https:https://www.facebook.com/dailybrewsnews/app/228910107186452/


competition ends Friday 6th April 5pm11.59pm



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Spring Forward To a Good Nights Sleep

Spring has arrived and this weekend sees the clocks go forward, but what does that mean to insomniacs like myself? more disruption to ones natural body clock disturbed sleep patterns and early mornings but nature has a fab way of helping you to get a good nights sleep.

This Sunday marks the start of British Summer Time (BST) – and hopefully the start of some sunnier weather – but while the promise of longer and lighter days will be a welcomed change, we will lose an hour of precious sleep.

The clocks will spring forward on Sunday, March 25 at 2 am

, meaning one less hour of sleep and a seasonal transition that may take some getting used to, particularly for those of us who are already burning the candle at both ends.

New research from Pukka Herbs shows that the average UK adult gets just 6 hours 22 minutes sleep each night but don’t worry,  the new season is the perfect time of year to revisit your sleep routine and implement new habits.

Here are seven secret herbs to makeover your sleep habits and have you sleeping like a baby in just one week!

1.       Valerian is a strong nervine and sedative to the central nervous system relaxing tense muscles whilst also encouraging an undisturbed sleep, healthy sleeping pattern and ameliorating stress.

2.       Chamomile is a classic relaxant for the whole body but particularly the nervous system, and is an excellent herb for children.

3.       Lavender contains aromatic essential oils that reduce difficulty in falling asleep, promoting a more restful sleep and preventing night-time wakening.

4.       Limeflowers are particularly effective in helping to treat bad dreams and soothing a frazzled nervous system.

5.       Oatflower is a restorative to the nervous system which calms shattered nerves, relieves emotional instability and helps to restore a sense of peace and tranquillity.

6.       Ashwagandha is a strengthening adaptogenic tonic for nourishing the nervous and immune system, reducing stress and promoting a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Ashwagandha, one of Ayurveda’s most prized herbs, is a modern-day ‘adaptogen’, adapting to the needs of our body and mind. On the one hand, it’s a tonic with the power to strengthen an exhausted and agitated nervous system; on the other, it’s a calming and restoring sedative. It’s these amazing all-rounder qualities that make ashwagandha a great choice for treating conditions such as insomnia, stress, anxiety and hormonal imbalance. It will help encourage a rejuvenating night’s sleep by helping it relax but also energising body and mind through nourishing the adrenal glands so that, on waking, you are ready for the day ahead.

7.       Nutmeg has sedative properties and can help to relax the nervous system. It may specifically help to prevent waking up after falling asleep – great news for those of us who tend to wake up in the night with a restless and racing mind.

Euan MacLennan, Clinical Medicine lecturer, practising Medical Herbalist says: “Herbal approaches to sleep have been traditionally used to support natural functions. For example, valerian was originally used as a convalescent tonic to help rebuild energy (its name comes from the Latin – to be strong and healthy) and ashwagandha was principally a restorative herb that also helps improve sleep. Flowering oats were seen as restorative sleep aids. Such tonics would often be combined with herbs widely used for their gentle calming benefits, for restless children, irritability and mild stresses. Examples include chamomile and lavender. The combination of plant-based tonics and mild relaxants is an approach to sleep that crosses continents and centuries.”


Courtesy of http://www.pukkaherbs/com/sleepwell



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Cant wait for a spring clean-here comes Autumn

Now that everyones kids are back to school and im waiting to go back to uni the calm before the storm is the perfect time to do the home decor, as thoughts of xmas is coming echo through my mind there is only two of us and hardly anyone visits but on our small  budget  we do like to keep the house clean and as my asthma has been suffering for months we decided to keep the dogs out of the lounge as much as possible and hope it helped so far so good I have seen an improvement.

But first we decided to decorate the lounge going from familar creams, browns and wildlife to blacks, silver and grey,

 We were going to buy a new sofa but after looking around for a few weeks and not finding one we liked as much as our current one. coupled with the thought of having to pop the window to get it out we thought it best to integrate it and we are so glad we did as it gives the room a pop of colour.

The wallpaper we chose is from Arthouse. The main wall is Flower Garden Monochrome. A vintage floral design but so pretty with the addition of some small insects, and butterflies., and a hint of glitter. For the surround walls again we chose an Arthouse paper but a lightly textured dark grey with a hint of glitter. Despite going darker in theme the red makes the room stand out and brighter. We opted for a lush grey carpet and black rug from ikea, couple with a smart but functional space saving dining room table, instead of a lounge diner which we disliked having to dance around a table and chairs we now have a spacious lounge.

As a first attempt at upcycling we found a small coffee table on Shpock which is vintage aka 1970’s which i gave a spray of Silver paint and its a perfect fit for next to the lamp and to pull out and use without cluttering the room.

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Orbi by Netgear. Review and Competition Winner

I am  Pleased to anounce the winner of the awesome Netgear Orbi is



 Alexandra Oliver will be a proud owner of an Orbi RBK50.

This was her written entry: I have friends all over the world and love to chat to them via Skype or Facebook messenger! During the US presidential election I was having an election party in my house as the votes were coming in, and we Skyped my friend in America while he was at work in his restaurant (very naughty!) and streamed it live on many channels at once. We kept him updated on the results as they came in and it was getting very exciting! At about 3am it was getting very heated and a critical vote was coming in- just as the results were coming in, we lost connectivity! Our party stalled, my friend was motionless on the screen and we didn’t know the result! It wasn’t for a good 20 mins, after resetting and re-linking, that we managed to find out the result! A funny, but anticlimactic end to our party!

well done Alexandra xx


Meet Orbi.


Orbi is the worlds first Tri-Band home wifi system. Giving reliable secure and very fast wifi  all around your home. No more buffer face while your having a family night watching a moving.

I am lucky enough to of been sent this fab product to review that will be coming later as currently setting them up. not that it takes long to do but thought first things first reviews take time so lets crack on with the competition to win a fab Orbi kit. worth £299.00

My first thoughts on Orbi well they come neatly packaged that looks and oozes quality so what does that say for whats inside the box. Upon opening you are greated by the Router, which isnt your normal square box, but a neat white sleak design that wont stand out like a sore thumb, and the satelite  This add-on Orbi WiFi Satellite (RBS40) expands your Orbi Home WiFi System coverage by up to 125 square metres with high-performance AC2200 WiFi. Connect more wired devices using the 4 Ethernet ports on the Orbi desktop Satellite.

Key Features

  • Get more than 100Mbps Internet speed over 350 square metres range*
  • Enjoy a single WiFi network name for your entire home
  • Innovative Tri-band WiFi helps maximize the Internet speeds available in your home
  • Use the Orbi app or any web browser to create secure whole home WiFi in minutes. No accounts to create or personal information needed to setup.
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa – Control your home network using voice commands

The set up is quick and easy for any technophobe or geek



So how do you win this fab fab prize click the link and take the Orbi WiFi Challenge. Almost forgot to add the final question is of Uber importance let me and the Netgear guys know the lengths you have gone to for a decent WiFi signal. The more interesting the better…ie have you climbed hills for a signal on holiday, would you walk through water for a decent placement for your router?

As the link is personal to myself one of my readers are guaranteed to win. The prize will be sent out direct from Netgear. So what are you waiting for take the challenge now while i go do the Vlog review


While trialling this fab product my download speeds have increased from what used to be 11MBPS to a new high of 21MBPS and upload speeds of 14 which has doubled what they previously were. We now have no buffering while streaming movies even in the garden on ipads and phones etc.  Overall i Love my Orbi. amazing internet speeds, no buffering = peace has been restored.


t&c’s the prize will be sent direct from Netgear.

closing date