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London Trio White Lies formerly Fear Of Flying make a return to the studio with their latest offering simply called Friends, fronted by Harry Mcveigh and ably assisted by Charles Cave and Jack Brown. After a 3 year hiatus Friends could be the album to send them up the charts in 2016, with there feet firmly planted in and 80’s electro feel re,
Gary numan, cars. This new album is not dissimilar to their old material it starts nicely with the upbeat Take it out on me, then returns to the old familar white lies sound of doom and gloom, re The Smiths, with lyrics such as “im in love with the feeling, of being used”. Hold Back Your Love takes us swiftly back to the 70’s synth & disco sound. Difficult album to like maybe not the phrase if your a hard core White Lies fan but it balances precariously between, being full of energy which disappears quickly to tired and samely, you could be forgiven after the opening track of falling asleep and wakening thinking you hadnt missed a track, such is the format, a hard transition between labels and it shows. Overall a likeable album for the fans hoping the next album is exceptionally different.