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Karcher -SC 2.500 C Steam cleaner


I love reviewing new products and when the guys from Karcher asked me to review their steam cleaner i admit i was a bit dubious having laminate floor my fitter told me not to use a steam cleaner on it due to water ingress. So when the steam cleaner sc2.500 arrived i looked at the box and thought how much hard work is this going to be?  but once unpacked  reading the easy to follow instructions in minutes i was ready to go extension tubes connected to the hose, water tank filled and clicked in place, this can be refilled at any time without removing it as it has a hole in the top so you

can use a jug .simple things make me happy. Next attach the cleaning cloth to the head another easy  step clip up the grip stretch the cloth over and grips down. (mind your fingers tho)DSCN0302

Next turn it on wait 6 minutes for the lights to change and off i go,No chemmicals needed. first i steam cleaned the floor, i need not of worried about wet getting into the laminate as it is steam it doesnt leave the floor wet for long, the machine i found compared to others was very light to manouvre as your not pushing a full cleaner but the hose and extension, and the big wheels on the machine make it very light and easy to pull along. I was overall extremely pleased with just how clean the floor was when i finished, after using a mop and bucket for the last 12 months this is just as easy to get out and use for better results. see pic below.

DSCN0307Next i tackled the bathroom sink and bath, changing the nozzle to the small brush attachment for more direct steam this was fab for getting around the taps and the flexi shower hose is like new again after giving it a blasting you dont realise where the dirt gathers till you really look for it. finally i used it to clean the grout on the tiles as a house of women who dye their hair its surprising where brown dye can end up! again with no effort this came off easily.

To say im impressed by my new steam cleaner is an understatement, its light flexible and easy to use, if i was to make one complaint its a minor one that i would of liked more electric cable, as it was a bit short and i had to use and extension lead, but overall its a fab cleaner and can be used not only on floors but cookers, sinks and wall tiles. and all this with no chemicals or additives the steam does it all. there is a multitude of accessories to go with the machine including a wallpaper stripper and upholstery attachment too, so one machine can clean it all.

The RRP is 232.09 GBP  which may seem a bit restrictive but for quality and versatility its well worth it compared to other steam cleaners for further information check out

Order no.: 1.512-352.0

SC 2.500 C Steam cleaner


The SC 2.500 C is a versatile steam cleaner engineered for hygienic, environmentally-friendly, deep cleaning without the need for chemicals. Ideal for floors, tiles, work surfaces, taps, mirrors, shower screens etc. With its innovative new ‘lamellae’ floor tool, it cleans up to 35% more effectively. Designed with two tanks, including a removable and refillable tank, for non-stop steam so you can finish the job faster. A gold standard product with money back satisfaction guarantee, it heats up 25% faster and uses 20% less energy than the SC 1.020. It is a steam mop and much more thanks to its versatile hand tools which clean surfaces, taps and glass. It features an adjustable steam control, on-board accessory storage and childproof lock. Includes: floor tool, terry cloths, hand and detail nozzles, round brush


  • Floor cleaning
  • Taps
  • Wash basin
  • Wall tiles
  • Windows, mirror
  • Extractor hood
  • Hobs

Features & Benefits

Steam flow control on handle
The steam volume can be adapted individually to the surface being cleaned and the level of dirt

4 metres cable length
Large operating radius: cleaning large rooms without any problems

Storage position for extension tubes
For practical and space-saving storage of extension tubes

Ergonomic steam gun, carrying handle
For the greatest comfort and good ergonomics in cleaning

Easy to understand controls
Self-explanatory operation for the greatest ease of use

Integrated cable storage compartment
Optimum cable storage to save space when storing the steam cleaner

Child lock on the steam gun
Protects against inappropriate use, e. g. by children

Short heating time (6 minutes)
Short waiting time: the steam cleaner is ready to use in just 6 minutes

On/Off switch on the machine
The steam cleaner can be switched off easily

Parking position for floor nozzle
For parking the extension tube and floor nozzle during use; practical storage

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