Feed the birds

I thought it was time for an update sorry to Farbrook Farms for not posting sooner, but i was lucky enough to be sent some fab products as i love feeding the birds that have started coming back into our garden, lately we have seen an increase in sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, and magpies, we even […]

Hotter Shoes

I dont know about you, but ive always thought of hotter shoes as being more for the older generation,although im 52 i dont see myself as middle aged or elder in any way, So when i was asked if id like to review Hotter Shoes i was slighty arghhhh im getting old but when i […]

Graham & Brown Meets Kelly Hoppen

With Christmas time just around the corner we immediately think is the house spick and span for the man in the red suit. well i know i do, So when i was offered the chance to review home decor from two of my fave products i couldnt refuse. The products in question are a new […]

Hotel Chocolat

The place for chocolate lovers to taste and rate our brand new chocolate recipes before anyone else. {“id”:”6D80B2B8-F445-   If like me you love chocolate then you need to discover the joy of Hotel chocolat, Founded in 1998 the Hotel Chocolate tasting club was formed to thrill and excite the taste buds and boy it never […]

Vax Bare Floor Advance

Ive just had the pleasure, if cleaning floors was ever a pleasure of doing mine with a Vax Bare Floor Advance steam cleaner, and here is my thoughts on the machine, Upon picking up the box i thought this is going to be heavy going compared to a quick sweep and damp mop, alas assembling […]

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