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THE WINNER OF THE JEWEL CANDLE WAS LIZ DENIAL FROM NOTTINGHAM. a piece of jewellery in every candle a Jewel in every candle When i was offered the chance to review a Jewel candle as a scented candle lover i couldnt refuse, not only are these fab scented candles but each one contains a piece of jewellery, I was lucky enough to be sent Cupcake, When the candle arrived it was well packaged to avoid breakage, the candle itself is in a tall glass that can later be used as a vase with a lid on so once you take the lid off the smell is absolutely gorgeious and smells just like fresh cupcakes and filled the room for the evening. As a little tease the jewel is wrapped in silver and can be seen at the back of the candle, so with excited anticipation we lit the candle when our friends arrived and everyone commented how gorgeous it was and couldnt wait to see the surprise inside, alas as the candle melted the jewel started drop further down into the jar, so it was "out with a teaspoon" after an hour or so, The candle has been lit plenty of times since last week and still smells as good as the first time. As i said patience got the better of us and we got the jewel out carefully with a spoon and upon opening we very surpised at the quality of the jewel inside, We had a Hallmarked silver ring in a beautiful heart shape, and as every jewell is worth between £10 -£250 the one we found had a £25 price tag but looked much better than anything we seen in jewellers shops for the same price. The feedback I have reccieved from friends and family has been extremely positive and lots of people wanting to know where to buy them. The surprise is out Jewel Candles can be bought online from priced from £16.95 for a candle with Earrings to £24.95 for the ring these have got to be the best candles ive ever used and wont hesitate to buy more for myself or friends and family as gifts when im struggling for ideas. 100% handmade from soy these candles are unique with the most amazing scents Burning a candle has never been so exciting and fun! Enjoy the fragrance of fresh Watermelon Wedges, Pina Colada, Mojito Cocktails, Pink Cherries and many more and find out how your Jewel will look like!. for more information or to purchase a Jewel candle check out the website at gorgeous ring, from Jewel Candle gorgeous ring, from Jewel Candle

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    Annie Haak Jewellery

    I was given the opportunity to review some fab jewellery from Annie Haak. Annie gets the inspiration for most of her design from the beautiful tropical island of Bali where she spends most of her time. Influenced by Bali life the flora, the fauna  the bright colours and magical people and villages. Most of Annies pieces have special meanings by way of mantras or symbols which make every piece extra special. I was lucky enough to be sent in exchange for this review the fab Fuji Bracelet Stack.  A trio of exquisite stacking bracelets in 925 hallmarked sterling silver, each piece is hand threaded onto high quality jewellery elastic, that…

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