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Im always looking for new products to review, services to sample and giveaways to run if you would like to work with me please get in touch, cialis online meet jasmine & tyson e these 2  members of the team love discussing dog treats toys and beds buy cialis without a doctor prescription best website […]


Here we are into january, the 2nd semester starts  on the 30th and i cant wait to get back to learning, but in the meantime i havent been idle. On 19th jan 2017 I married my long term partner Claire, it was a simple ceremony just us and  2 witnesses so here are just a […]

Woolovers. 25Years of knitwear excellence

If like myself you havent heard of Woolovers, your missing out on something very exciting. I must of had my eyes closed for the last 25 years as until recently I hadnt heard of this fab company who are specialist knitwear providers for men and women. Woolovers started as a small business in 1989 and […]

Fluvel chi fish tank

Fluval Chi Fish Tank was so simple to set up my partner done it in a few minutes and it looks fab , The ambience it creates brings a feel of luxury to any room and the gently cascasding water is said to bring positive energy  and prosperity. You cant see in the pic but […]

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