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    Feed the birds

    I thought it was time for an update sorry to Farbrook Farms for not posting sooner, but I was lucky enough to be sent some fab products as I love feeding the birds that have started coming back into our garden, lately we have seen an increase in sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, and magpies, we even have a regular daily visitor of a pigeon who we have named Percy. I was sent to review A water drinker which looks like an upside-down bottle on a plate, which I guess basically it is but the slow release means the water lasts for a while as it only releases onto the plate when…

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    Garden Overhaul

    Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my blog, This post is going to run as its following the overhaul of our garden, We have lived here just over 3 yrs and in that time due to ill health the grass has only ever been cut occasionally, after first having a regular grass cutter who didnt know the meaning of regular then me managing to break 3 lawn mowers in a short space of time, At times its like we live on a demolition site there is approx half an inch of soil the rest is rock hard clay and broken bricks and slabs etc. Anyway now…

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