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    Hape Stacking Veggie Game

    part of your little ones five a day!! Hape are the worlds largest producer of wooden toys, so its always exciting when I get sent a new one to review as the little ones love them. the Stacking Veggie Game is no exception. Made from recyclable wood to minimise damage to the environment. Hape manufacture toys using sustainable sources where they can, any plastic parts are made to last so they can be passed down to future generations. From Manufacture to delivery and packaging the environment at the forefront of any development. Similar to Jenga, but aimed at ages 3 and upwards and consisting of vegetables adds to the fun…

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    GBBO returns

    The Great Scone Debate. As the Great British Bake Off returns for a new series so does the great scone debate!! jam or cream first. Personally its jam first then cream for me. )THERE ARE FEW ISSUES AS CONTENTIOUS AS THE GREAT SCONE DEBATE: SHOULD THE CREAM OR JAM BE SPREAD FIRST? But according to a nationwide survey, the matter has been settled once and for all – and it is jam first and THEN cream. According to the survey of 2,000 Brits across the country, more than half of us (52 percent) agree that the scone should be smothered with jam first, then covered with a layer of cream. Just 25 percent…

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    Accidents that Occur at Night

    New research from Led Hut. shows the Top Ten list of accidents that happen at night are. Stubbed a toe (56%) Stepping on something (48%) Walking into a door (43%) Tripping over something (35%) Trapping a hand in a door (32%) Knocked something over (24%) Scolding themselves (21%) Hitting their head (19%) Slipping on the stairs (15%) Falling out of bed (12%)      MIDNIGHT MISHAPS 56% of British adults get up during the night More than 1 in 3 confessed to having had an accident in the dark A SURPRISING number of British adults admit that they have had an accident when they get up during the night. A survey…

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    Top Ten Places To Visit

    As we come to the end of the 6 weeks holidays here is a listicle of places to visit. Top Ten Visitor Attractions in UK. Whilst London tops the list for most visited attractions in the UK, there are plenty of new attractions opening for 2019. According to The Guardian.Below is the best 10 of those. 1Windermere jetty. Museum of boats, steam and stories of the Lake District.  2- Yorkshire Sculpture ParkArt filled landscape of 500 acres featuring pieces of art from Barbara Hepworth, Ai Wei Wei to name a few. Free admission, but car parking is from £3 per hour. 3-National Centre for children’s Literature. In Moat Brae, Dumfries. Moat…

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